About us

High Gain Trading LLC: Your Trusted Worldwide Food Supplier

High Gain Trading LLC is a leading food supplier company located in Dubai, UAE. As a worldwide foodstuff company, we provide a wide range of high-quality food products to customers across the globe. With a commitment to providing excellent customer service and a passion for delivering the best food products, Reesha has become a trusted name in the food industry.

We sources the products from some of the best food suppliers around the world and ensures that all of its products are of the highest quality. From fresh produce to dry goods, High Gain has everything that a customer needs to meet their food requirements. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, hotelier, or simply someone looking for quality food products, High Gain is the perfect choice for all your food needs.

In addition to its extensive product range, High Gain also offers a number of value-added services to its customers. These services include customized packaging, and private labeling options, which help customers to create their own unique food products. We also has a dedicated team of professionals who are available to provide customers with expert advice and support when they need it.

High Gain takes great pride in its reputation for providing quality food products and excellent customer service. Whether you’re looking for a one-time purchase or a long-term food supplier, High Gain Trading LLC has the experience, knowledge, and resources to meet your needs. With its competitive prices and quick turnaround time, you can be sure that you’ll receive the best value for your money when you choose High Gain as your food supplier.

In conclusion, High Gain is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy food supplier. With its commitment to quality and its excellent customer service, High Gain is well-positioned to help you meet all of your food needs. Whether you’re located in Dubai or anywhere else in the world, High Gain is the ideal foodstuff company for all your food requirements.

Our Vision

To be all inclusive Food Supplier – association that put quality, organization, and motivation as need to satisfy the necessities of our customers, partners, and the society.

Our Mission

To add to the improvement of society as we build up the Company’s riches as the largest Dubai Commodities import-export. Understanding, meeting, and exceeding the business expectations of our suppliers & customers. To adopt a safe and environment friendly work practices across our business

Our Brand

Through the wide range of our agricultural food products, Reesha General Trading LLC have strived to offer from beginning to end responses for the clients, making a motivating force for all our accomplices and proving to be the best Commodity trading company internationally

Our Startegies

Our main objective is to always deliver consumer satisfaction on providing premium healthy products and delivering to our customers a true value of their money. Strong focus on customer development & retention through a successful loyalty process across Middle East & India, Investment in research & development enabling constant innovation