100% Broken Vietnam Jasmine Rice

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100% Broken Vietnam Jasmine Rice – The Best Supplier in East & West Africa

Product Description:

100% Broken Vietnam Jasmine Rice the finest quality rice from High Gain Trading LLC, a leading foodstuff company in Dubai, UAE. We are delighted to offer you the best booking price for our 100% Broken  Jasmine Rice, known for its superior quality and exquisite taste.

  1. Origin: Our rice is sourced directly from Vietnam, a country renowned for its rich agricultural heritage and expertise in rice cultivation. You can trust the authenticity and freshness of our product.
  2. Packing: We provide convenient packaging options to suit your needs. Choose between our 5×5kg or 25kg pp bags, ensuring easy handling and storage.
  3. Brand: Select from our trusted brand, High Gain, or opt for a private label to personalize your product offering. We prioritize your satisfaction and provide flexibility in branding.
  4. Minimum Order: To cater to your requirements effectively, we have a minimum order quantity of 3 containers. We ensure a steady and reliable supply to meet your demands.

Best Booking Price for 100% Broken Vietnam Jasmin Rice

NOTE: We are committed to offering the best booking price CIF East & West Africa ports. Contact us now to avail of this incredible offer. Please note that prices are subject to reconfirmation.

Specifications of 100% Broken White Jasmine Rice: Origin, Packing, Brand, and Minimum Order Quantity Details

Packing: 5×5kg or 25kg pp bags
Origin: Vietnam
Brand: High Gain or Private
Quantity: 3 Containers
Variety: Short Grain
Style: Dried
Color: White
Broken Ratio (%): 100%


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